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    Daily it seems someone will remark to me -”I’m not really at midlife yet. I’m still having my menstrual cycles” or “I’m past midlife; I stopped having my menstrual cycles

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    Your Invitation

    The Midlife Wellness Center was designed to offer the extensive health evaluation, as well as intense education, not usually possible at a routine annual medical exam. Brenda S. Smith, M.D., a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist, will help

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Dr. Brenda Smith M.D.

Dr. Brenda Smith M.D.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:12

Rhonda Z.

 It is not an exaggeration to say “Dr. Brenda Smith saved my life”.

She is the first – and only – doctor I’ve had that actually took the time to take an in-depth medical history to understand my health struggles.  And, because she was willing to ask questions, listen and share her thoughts - she was able to make a more informed assessment for my health issues.  She looked at many factors to create a contextual framework in which to make suggestions, diagnosis and then develop a wellness plan for me that is multi-faceted.  Dr. Smith didn’t try to find a quick fix and send me on my way – she invested time to really hear what I was saying.

After my initial visit – which lasted 3 hours – she explained to me her suspicions – that I might have Lyme disease!  She spent time researching Lyme disease specialists in this area and provide me with that doctor’s contact information.

Three months later, the suspicions were confirmed – I had Lyme disease and had for many years.  It had gone undiagnosed despite seeing several other doctors trying to find out why I felt to utterly and completely exhausted and why did I hurt everywhere all the time.  I finally found my answer and have been making progress on my long tourney back to my former self!

Beyond the Lyme disease, Dr. Smith spent quite a bit of time talking about the various HRT options and pros/cons of each; she also spoke about the importance of nutrition and vitamin supplements.  In addition, she recommended additional lab work to delve deeper into my health issues.

Her willingness to take time to understand me and my individual needs, along with her incredible ability to listen makes her an exceptional physician.  And, I count myself truly blessed to have found her.  I really do believe she saved my life.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:11

Glenda H.

This type of patient-centered, individualized care was a breath of fresh air.  Dr. Smith’s practice is such a far cry from the “assembly-line” medical care for women that most of us are used to.  She is an excellent, caring physician who is accessible, thorough and – above all – helpful and concerned about midlife wellness and physical problems that can occur in midlife

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:10


I went to several doctors before finding the Midlife Wellness Center.  They all told me the same thing or gave me the same prescription for hormones.  When I found the MWC and met with Dr. Smith, it opened my eyes to how important food, diet,  and supplements used in tandem with necessary drugs really were.  I have been very pleased with the information & care I have received.  Try it! You are worth it

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:09

Karen L.

There are so many things I loved about coming to see Dr. Smith.  What a beautiful atmosphere they provide to get the help and attention you need.  All the one-on-one time you get meant so much to me.  Spending all that time focusing on my current needs and my history made me feel understood and listened to.  In a regular doctor’s appointment, you have 10 minutes to explain your problem and hope they understand enough to help you. Dr. Smith takes the time to evaluate everything.  She ordered all my specialists’ medical records to see if there was anything missed.  I love when you call Midlife Wellness Center, Dr. Smith is the one who calls you back, not a nurse.  She has never made me feel rushed on the phone.  She also helped me figure out what supplements were best for me, so I could take the right ones and right amount for me.  It is awesome to have a Doctor who has done lots of her own research to help with that.  The kindness and compassion of Dr. Smith and her staff made me feel comfortable, welcome and I got the help I needed.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:08


I saw Dr. Smith for the first time in 2007.  I was 53 years old and had been to several doctors trying to find relief from perimenopausal symptoms.  These symptoms had lasted for nearly 10 years.  Heavy menstrual bleeding, heart palpitations, extreme mood swings, waking up at night with high levels of anxiety, dry eyes, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.  I saw several doctors during this time and was never taken seriously even by the female gynecologist I kept using.  I was told several things by the doctors:  no need to check hormone levels because there is nothing we can do about them anyway (female internist), to help with heavy menstrual bedding which became so bad I wouldn’t leave the house on certain days of the month, I was told to start taking Ibuprofen 3-5 days before my period started to control the bleeding (female gynecologist), heart palpitations couldn’t be a result of hormonal imbalance (female internist).  I could go on and on about not being taken seriously by other doctors.

I feel like Dr. Smith is the first doctor that actually listens to me.  Since starting the natural hormone replacement, I feel better than I have in years.  Dr. Smith recognizes that everyone’s body is different.  She doesn’t offer a “one size fits all” recipe for health.  It is definitely a partnership between Dr. Smith and the patient.  It is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.  I’ve told several friends about Dr. Smith and some say they can’t afford the services.  I tell them they can’t afford not to take control of their own health.  We say we can’t afford to take care of ourselves all the while we are buying expensive clothes, taking expensive vacations, etc.  I say skip the clothes and some other luxuries and invest in your health.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:07


“After many years and many dollars of chasing solutions for my premenopausal (mood swings, night sweats, irritability, loss of sex drive) symptoms, I finally got the courage to contact Dr. Smith at the Midlife Wellness Center. My quality of life has improved greatly since she customized a “Wellness Plan” for my specific needs. She was the first and only doctor who truly investigated my symptoms and developed a plan to address all my concerns. She and her staff have made this a wonderful and life changing experience. I would highly recommend any woman who feels the “pain of midlife” contact Dr. Smith and get back to enjoying a high quality of life.”

Michelle, “a new woman”

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:06

Lydia Glass

Before I found Dr. Smith, I had interviewed multiple gynecologists to try to find one that would work with me regarding my hormone imbalances and symptoms.  Most of the professionals were very nice, but did not seem to have the time, inclination or specialization to be able to address the thorough investigation and monitoring I was looking for.  The result was always the same.  A lot of time spent trying to get in to see the doctor, a one-time hormone panel neglecting the time of month and other pertinent factors and a letter or phone call saying the office would see me in one year to reevaluate to look for changes.  I felt this completely dismissed my day to day symptoms as well as disregarded my current health and overall quality of life.  When I found Dr. Brenda Smith, she was able to see me quickly.  The first consultation was approximately three hours.  Within a relatively short period of time, she had conducted the appropriate testing and monitoring which diagnosed several conditions.  Dr. Smith then started me on appropriate treatments and supplementations, as well as created a “Wellness Plan” for current and future monitoring.  As immediate issues or concerns have arisen, I have been able to call Dr. Smith directly (actually talk with the doctor) to arrive at a solution.  I can truly say that becoming a patient of Dr. Smith’s has changed the quality of my life.  I understand what is currently happening with my medical conditions.  I can relax and know everything is being monitored and evaluated appropriately.  I can call her at any time with any questions or concerns and I feel comfortable knowing I have a “game plan” for the future.  I feel confident in saying I will refer anyone to Dr. Brenda Smith.  I think it will change the quality of your life for the better.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 01:05

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