Mary P.

I have had a great experience with Dr. Brenda Smith.  Before coming to her, I had been with a doctor who did not listen to my problems with my hormone imbalance issues.  I felt miserable - night sweats, hot flashes, trouble sleeping.  Dr. Smith takes the time to get to the root of the problem.  She listens, asks questions, and utilizes lab results to come up with a treatment plan.  She educated me not only on my current issues, but helped me to understand what issues may come up in the future.  I even received information from her regarding nutrition and how to stay healthy.  Dr. Smith is not afraid of changing something if it is not working for you.  She tries something and listens to your feedback.  She will re-run lab work if necessary and re-evaluate.  She returns phone calls promptly.  She sticks with you until you feel the issue is resolved.  The fee is definitely worth all of the time and experience that you get from Dr. Smith!

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