Sara Keller (pseudo name)

 After struggling for years to find the right hormone treatment for me  I wanted to see a specialist, but was unable to find one until Dr. Smith opened the Midlife Wellness Center.  She spent a lot of time with me going over my health history and methodically created a plan for my hormones as well as disease prevention, diet, exercise, etc.  Each time I speak to Dr. Smith, she reviews that detailed health history to evaluate where we’ve been, where we are now and where we are going.  She has a wealth of specialized knowledge, a lot of which I hadn’t heard before.  Today, I am feeling better than I have in

years and my treatment is easier to use.  I did wonder whether the extra out-of-pocket costs would be worth it and the answer is absolutely YES!  I felt good about spending the time and money on myself and I was treated like a queen while I was there.  New patients will not be disappointed!

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