Lydia Glass

Before I found Dr. Smith, I had interviewed multiple gynecologists to try to find one that would work with me regarding my hormone imbalances and symptoms.  Most of the professionals were very nice, but did not seem to have the time, inclination or specialization to be able to address the thorough investigation and monitoring I was looking for.  The result was always the same.  A lot of time spent trying to get in to see the doctor, a one-time hormone panel neglecting the time of month and other pertinent factors and a letter or phone call saying the office would see me in one year to reevaluate to look for changes.  I felt this completely dismissed my day to day symptoms as well as disregarded my current health and overall quality of life.  When I found Dr. Brenda Smith, she was able to see me quickly.  The first consultation was approximately three hours.  Within a relatively short period of time, she had conducted the appropriate testing and monitoring which diagnosed several conditions.  Dr. Smith then started me on appropriate treatments and supplementations, as well as created a “Wellness Plan” for current and future monitoring.  As immediate issues or concerns have arisen, I have been able to call Dr. Smith directly (actually talk with the doctor) to arrive at a solution.  I can truly say that becoming a patient of Dr. Smith’s has changed the quality of my life.  I understand what is currently happening with my medical conditions.  I can relax and know everything is being monitored and evaluated appropriately.  I can call her at any time with any questions or concerns and I feel comfortable knowing I have a “game plan” for the future.  I feel confident in saying I will refer anyone to Dr. Brenda Smith.  I think it will change the quality of your life for the better.

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