Rhonda Z.

 It is not an exaggeration to say “Dr. Brenda Smith saved my life”.

She is the first – and only – doctor I’ve had that actually took the time to take an in-depth medical history to understand my health struggles.  And, because she was willing to ask questions, listen and share her thoughts - she was able to make a more informed assessment for my health issues.  She looked at many factors to create a contextual framework in which to make suggestions, diagnosis and then develop a wellness plan for me that is multi-faceted.  Dr. Smith didn’t try to find a quick fix and send me on my way – she invested time to really hear what I was saying.

After my initial visit – which lasted 3 hours – she explained to me her suspicions – that I might have Lyme disease!  She spent time researching Lyme disease specialists in this area and provide me with that doctor’s contact information.

Three months later, the suspicions were confirmed – I had Lyme disease and had for many years.  It had gone undiagnosed despite seeing several other doctors trying to find out why I felt to utterly and completely exhausted and why did I hurt everywhere all the time.  I finally found my answer and have been making progress on my long tourney back to my former self!

Beyond the Lyme disease, Dr. Smith spent quite a bit of time talking about the various HRT options and pros/cons of each; she also spoke about the importance of nutrition and vitamin supplements.  In addition, she recommended additional lab work to delve deeper into my health issues.

Her willingness to take time to understand me and my individual needs, along with her incredible ability to listen makes her an exceptional physician.  And, I count myself truly blessed to have found her.  I really do believe she saved my life.

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